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Future of Fashion

Full Programme Overview

About the Course

In today's dynamic world, fashion is more than just clothing; it's a powerful means of self-expression and choice. Fashion seamlessly interweaves as protective cladding, physical and emotional shelter, wearables, and even architecture. Step into the captivating world where personal expression converges with sustainable practices in a comprehensive course on the Future of Fashion. This programme will guide learners will guide you through the diverse dimensions of style, symbolism, and responsible design.

Over the course of the programme learners will consider fashion, extending beyond wardrobe wear. They will consider and explore how it functions as cladding for structures, provides shelter, and even shapes architectural aesthetics.

They will explore the concept of cherishability and understand how this can inspire sustainable choices across various design realms. The will learn the 21st Century Values-Led Circular Design Thinking suppporting them to navigate the ethical landscape fashion and dive into practices that prioritise environmental sensitivity, ethical construction methods, and social responsibility.

Learners will discover how wearable technologies can enhance experiences, blurring the lines between fashion, healthcare, architecture and entertainment and complete a simple werables project involving prototyping and circuitry.

Key Skills

  • Develop an understanding of fashion's diverse applications, from personal wearables to architectural applications.

  • Learn about the circular design thinking, develop a simple wearables project

  • Build transferable skills and capacity to consider 21st Century Ethical Leadership within fashion.

Research +

SDG8 Problem to Pitch

MM2: 21c Fashion Leadership

Experimentation + Exploration

MM4: Fashion Design Skills

MM5: Fashion Futures 1 Wearables Coming Soon


MM6: Fashion Futures 2 Coming Soon

MM7 Media Communications 1 - 4

MM3: My Fashion Everyone's Fashion

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