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Future of the Ocean

Full Programme Overview

About the Course

The Future of the Ocean, immerses learners in the captivating realm of the ocean, the very lifeblood of our planet, through a comprehensive programme designed to foster understanding, empathy and action. Seven linked micro-modules: Ocean Literacy, 21st Century Ocean Leadership, a full circular design thinking module on marine plastic waste, an introduction to Offshore Renewable Energy, an introduction to Biomimicry and a four part Media Communications Module linked to SDG14, can be delivered as a cohesive programme, TY unit or integrated individual lessons plans to enrich existing curricula.

Programme Description:

The Ocean, often referred to as the blue heart of Earth, sustains life on our planet. Recognising its paramount importance, our program unveils the intricacies of ocean connections, environmental stewardship, and transformative action. Whether a complete series or individual segments, our lessons offer an engaging journey into Ocean Literacy.

From inception, students embark on an enlightening path that bridges our existence with the ocean's vitality. Introduction to Ocean Literacy sets the tone by forging a strong connection between us and the ocean, while Ocean Connection and Positive Action delves into the impact of daily choices on ocean health.

Lessons on Interconnectedness build on observation skills, revealing the intricate relationships between land, sea, humans, and the ocean. Introduction to Ocean Pollution shines a spotlight on plastic pollution and mindfulness as solutions, culminating in a deeper understanding of our intertwined impact on ocean health.

Explorations of local coastal pollution, nurtures a sense of responsibility through beach clean-ups and data analysis while Bio-mimicry explores the art of learning from nature to inspire innovative design. This informs the full circular design thinking module and Ocean Communication ignites solution-based thinking to combat pollution and encourage marine conservation.

The program concludes with self-reflection in Lesson 10, inviting students to pledge their commitment as ocean citizens, fostering a culture of responsible guardianship. Through this journey, we aspire to cultivate Ocean Literacy that transcends the classroom—empowering each learner to become a beacon of change, steering our world towards a sustainable future that cherishes and preserves our oceans.

Key Skills Developed:

  • Ocean Awareness: Understand the profound significance of oceans in our daily lives, fostering a strong sense of environmental stewardship.

  • Empathy and Mindfulness: Develop empathy for ocean health and understand the impact of mindful choices on ocean sustainability.

  • Interconnected Thinking: Recognize the intricate relationships between land, sea, humans, and the environment, fostering holistic understanding.

  • Environmental Action: Explore practical solutions to combat ocean pollution and contribute positively to marine well-being.

  • Biomimicry and Innovation: Learn to draw inspiration from nature's wisdom, fostering creative solutions and sustainable design thinking.

Research +

MM1 Introduction to Ocean Literacy

MM2: 21c Ocean Leadership

Experimentation + Exploration

MM4: Problem to Pitch Marine Plastic Waste - Educators

MM5: Problem to Pitch Marine Plastic Waste - Learners


MM6: Introduction to Biomimicry Coming Nov

MM7 Media Communication

MM3: Offshore Renewable Energy Introduction

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