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Future of Innovation and Enterprise

About the Course

The Future of Enterprise and Innovation- Passion to Purpose programme looks at the changing face of work and how we can develop careers based on values, interests and passions. The programme was designed to empower learners by building the confidence and competence to become innovators and transform their futures. By nurturing key skills, 21st Century skills our values-Led Circular Design Thinking Programme will prepare learners to to lead the way in sustainable, innovative, and socially responsible design practices. The programme's core ethos, suporting learners to explore their passions and consider purposeful action, while nurturing essential 21st-century skills by igniting innovation, fostering empathy and inspiring change.

The Future of Innovation is a values-driven programme tailored for 15 / 16 year olds and Transition Year introducing Circular Design Thinking. Our programme, merges circular economic principles, social, emotional, digital and environmental literacies with Design Thinking, a powerful framework for creative problem solving. Working with external experts from industry, academia, education and civil society ensures a diverse range of skills and experience is embedded within the programme to build confidence and competence for living within a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Over seven modules, beginning with Passion to Purpose, a project development programme learers are supported to become architects of their future, through learning to craft their own experiences and actively particpate in shaping the future they will inhabit. The programme uses project and inquiry based cross-curricular and systems thinking, while enabling learners to discover the cognitive, strategic and practical processes that fuel innovation.

The programme' activities have been designed to support collaboration with peers to create and undertake projects that address contemporary issues on a local level, through tackling real-world challenges in meaningful and manageable ways. Aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 agenda, The Future of Innovation facilitates meaningful engagement and impact, now and in the future.

We currently have the following modules online

  • Micro-Module 1 (MM1) Passion to Purpose

  • Micro-Module 2 (MM2) 21c Enterprise Leadership

  • Micro-Module 3 (MM3) Step into the Future

  • Micro-Module 4 (MM5) Introduction to Creativity - coming Nov 2023

  • Micro-Module 5 (MM5) Digital Citizenship

  • Micro-Module 6 (MM6) Engineering for Good - coming Dec 2023

  • Micro-Module 7 (MM7) Media Communication

Research +

MM1 - Passion to Purpose

MM2: 21c Enterprise Leadership

Experimentation + Exploration

MM4: Digital Citizenship

MM5: Engineering for Good Apr


MM6: Creativity Toolbox Apr

MM7: Media Communications 1 - 4

MM3: Step Into The Future

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