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Problem to Pitch

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About the Course

Problem to Pitch, a versatile project-based learning module adaptable to any subject. Rooted in Design Thinking principles, this module unravels the cognitive, strategic, and practical processes underpinning creative problem-solving. The programme supports learners to develop a solution-focused minimum viable product or service linked to the SDGs. Through Problem to Pitch, students embark on a journey that transcends subject boundaries, nurturing innovative mindsets while addressing real-world issues. By mastering Design Thinking and local context engagement, learners emerge equipped to thrive in a fast-paced, ever-evolving world, armed with the tools to design their future and drive positive change.

Core Subjects: Climate Action and Sustainable Development, Design, Science and Maths

Key Skills Developed:

  • Design Thinking Proficiency: Introduces learners in Design Thinking's problem-solving techniques, fostering innovation and strategic thinking.

  • Local Context Engagement: Encourage exploration of real-world issues within the local community, enhancing tangible problem-solving skills.

  • 21st Century Skillset: Equips students with adaptability, critical thinking, and collaboration capabilities, pivotal in our evolving technological landscape.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introducing Design Thinking: Immerse students in Design Thinking principles, nurturing their ability to approach challenges creatively.

  • Local Problem Exploration: Engage with real-world issues, enabling students to find practical solutions within their local context.

  • 21st Century Skills Cultivation: Foster skills relevant to the modern world, equipping students to navigate rapid technological changes.

  • Empowerment through Design: Empower students to shape their experiences and contributions, realizing their potential as agents of change.

  • Systemic Thinking Application: Utilize systemic thinking alongside inquiry and project-based methods, enabling holistic problem-solving.

  • Addressing Global Goals: Align projects with Sustainable Development goals and the 2030 agenda, promoting solutions with a global impact.

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