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Climate Change Engage

Full Programme Overview

About the Course

Climate Change Engage introduces learners to the topic of serious games and game design within the context of climate adaptation. It introduces them to the concept and process of Design Thinking; the cognitive, strategic, and practical processes for creative problem-solving.

Programme Description:

The Climate Change Engage unit is a 45hr programme (33 lessons + 12hrs self-directed activities) that encourages learners to engage with their local context and explore real-world climate change problems in practical meaningful ways. The module enables learners to develop a fundamental understanding of serious game design, world-building, character development, presenting, planning and time management.

It fosters the development of 21st Century skills supporting students to adapt to a rapidly evolving context. The module combines Design Thinking with systems thinking, inquiry and project-based learning to guide teachers and learners through the a serious game design project focused on climate change.

Learning Objectives: Upon completing the Climate Change Engage unit, learners will:

  • Gain knowledge about climate change including, adaptation , mitigation, nature-based solutions and considered design

  • Develop an awareness of the basics of Design Thinking for problem-solving

  • Practice problem solving and critical thinking skills both individually and within a group context

  • Be introduced to serious games and practical tools such as Lean Canvas, Vision Boards and Pecha Kucha presentations

  • Cultivate skills in planning, division of work load and time management.

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SDG13 Climate Change Engage Learners

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